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Body therapy

Rejuvenate, refresh and tone your body with our holistic body therapy treatments.

Coffee Scrub 40mins

Coffee Scrub 40mins $22

The scrub begins by rubbing and massaging the coffee blend onto your body to break down fats underneath the skin by increasing circulation or rubbing motion which helps to decrease the appearance of cellulite along with making skin smoother.

Tamarind Scrub 40mins

Tamarind Scrub 40mins $22

A scrub that uses tamarind extracts containing small beads & enzymes that eat away dry skin and dead skin cells that help leave skin smooth and soft. The scrub starts by rubbing and massaging the tamarind paste onto the skin, which makes the beads dissolve to reveal skin that is nourished, and refresh.

Herbal Scrub 40mins

Herbal Scrub 40mins $22

A scrub used to rub off hard and flaky skin. The body scrub starts by using Khmer blended herbs that are rubbed and massaged across your body and into your skin. Once the scrub is done you will shower to rinse away the herbs to leave your skin soft, smooth and fresh.

Jasmine Rice Scrub 40mins

Jasmine Rice Scrub 40mins $22

A wonderfully scented scrub that is used to remove dead skin cells, help lackluster skin and help renew the skin. The scrub starts by rubbing and massaging the jasmine rice cream onto your body to let it get into the skin to cleanse and moisturize the skin. When done your skin feels moist, soft, and fresh.

Herbal Wrap 40mins

Herbal Wrap 40mins $22

By using blended Khmer herbs and applied as a wrap, this treatment aims to help by eliminate toxins within the body by drawing out impurities from the skin’s outer layer to nourish and detoxify the skin.

After-Sun Cucumber Wrap 40mins

After-Sun Cucumber Wrap 40mins $22

This treatment has been specifically designed to relieve the pain and damage caused by over-exposure to the sun. A cooling puree of cucumber, blended with soothing jojoba oil is applied to the entire body, concentrating on the affected areas. A cool shower is followed by a light application of vitamin E rich cream.