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Massage Therapy

Discover the benefits of traditional Khmer massage in our world class treatment spa.

Aromatherapy Massages 60min/90min

Aromatherapy Massages 60min/90min $20 / $ 29

A therapeutic full body and scalp massage including face reflexology. Designed to focus on the lymphatic and circulatory systems to promote a soothing and balancing result.

Deep Tissue Massage 60min/90min

Deep Tissue Massage 60min/90min $22 / $ 40

This healing massage is considerably strong. By applying firm kneading pressure to the thin layer of connective tissue and separating muscle groups, we aim to restore muscular alignment and proper range of motion. This treatment frees “locked up” areas and emotional blocks in the body due to prolonged stress. Also helpful if you are experiencing limited range of motion, muscular spasms, aches or strains.

Herbal Compress Massage 90min/120min

Herbal Compress Massage 90min/120min $29 /$ 39

A massage that uses warm herbal compress balls to loosen tension by relaxing muscles on the body. The herbal compress balls are applied to your body by using a slow, circular movement that reduces muscle tension, combined with a massage that helps to relax the body.

Khmer Massage 60min/90min

Khmer Massage 60min/90min $13 /$ 17

This massage follows the body’s energy lines from the feet to the head. It’s used to release the pain. The body movement and stretching are involved for this type of massage. It does not require the use of oils.

Four Hands Massage 60min/ 90min

Four Hands Massage 60min/ 90min $30 /$40

The ultimate body experience. Our 4 hands massage will be processed by two therapists at the same time. The treatment provides you a unique experience of relaxation for the body and soul. Recommended for Aroma or Deep tissue massage<

Foot Reflexology 60mins

Foot Reflexology 60mins $11

A massage meant to renew stiff, sore, or tense feet by focusing on massaging the top and bottom of your feet so that any tension or stiffness can be loosened by giving a firm massage around the areas of your feet to make them feel lighter and looser.

Back Massage 60mins

Back Massage 60mins $19

A massage meant to loosen tense or tight muscles on the back, neck and shoulder area by applying a firm medium to strong hand pressure on.